MOTHER: A Drag Musical!!

(Excessively Subtitled: The Battle Royale for 47 Wigs)

Book, Music and Lyrics by Julie Mains

Musical Direction by Mark Oleszko

Directed by Whendy Whaxwood

SUMMER, 2018


It’s the week everyone has been waiting for as MOTHER, the first, last, best and ONLY Drag Superstore is holding its annual pageant: The Alastair Wigtastic Wigstravaganza!

Six queens compete from rival neighborhood drag nightclubs, owned by two bitter bitches, which leaves every edge and wig snatched for the gods. And the pageant is the least of it… like DRAG itself, the show is EXTRA.

MOTHER: A Drag Musical!! will take you from gag to gasm, and just like your own mother, WILL GIVE YOU LIFE.

MOTHER: A Drag Musical!! whill be directed by New York’s own Whendy Whaxwood, whom recently referred to as a “Drag Dynamo”. “I’m excited to be directing this show,” said Whendy. “It’s definitely going to be almost a Xanadu or possibly even a Grease 2.”

“In all seriousness,” said Whendy, “it’s time for a show like this. The plot is centered around drag performers and their stories, which need to be told. It explores the different roads taken when becoming a drag queen and touches on the complex matriarchial relationships within our world.”

“The musical numbers are really catchy,” she continues. “and are parody homages to some of your favorite artists. The workshop will be a great opportunity to flesh out the concepts, but no stone has been left unturnt. The numbers are real musical theater showpieces and some lucky bitches will be bringing them to life for the first time this summer.”

Mother was written by Julie Mains – a virtual unknown – a never-was, if you will, but she is hopeful the show will be well-received. “It’s definitely better than Starlight Express and that thing ran for almost two years on Broadway and got like 7 Tony nominations, so who knows?” she said.

And about the striking resemblance to the most infamous bio-queen in the drag world? “It came as a surprise, definitely, but then I learned how many things we have in common and everyone around me said I was a fool if I didn’t seize the opportunity. I also realized I can do literally ANYTHING when I put those brows on, so I am. I graduated summa cum laude from the House of No Shame. The audience will not be disappointed.

MOTHER: A Drag Musical!! (Excessively Subtitled: The Battle Royale for 47 Wigs) will hold performances the first week of August and is auditioning now. For more indepth information, interviews, or an invitation to the performance, please drop us a line at or on any of our social media platforms.


Staged Reading on the road to full production – performance dates: early August, NYC

Casting for a wide variety of roles including:

~ 11+ Drag Performers of **all** ages, ethnicities, gender identities, drag styles. Must be funny – there is only one “straight man” in this show and he is also funny. Must sing and dance well.

~ 1 Seasoned (over 40, under 60) Womanperson or facsimile thereof. Triple threat, capable of a stoic, dry funny that makes people laugh with just a look. Superb at spoken word lyp sink (wink).

~ 1 Straight Male Rocker. Must be a competent lead guitar player in addition to sing/dance/funny. Early 20s.

Submission info:

FB, IG: @MotherADragMusical & Twitter: @MOTHERADragMSCL

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