VERA SAUCY: The weirder side of drag

In this Documentary Short, ANTIMITY Productions explores Vera Saucy’s monthly show “What the Queer” and how the drag scene is beginning to expand into new absurdly amazing ways. The Documentary highlights the weirder side of Drag and makes us all question whether how we portray ourselves is worth mentioning…or just another boring afterthought.


“I don’t understand why people get so caught up looking like a normal, believable or real woman, you can walk down the street and see that. I try to make all of my drag looks and all of the things I create extraordinary and worth looking up.”
-Vera Saucy

Modern Drag fashion and culture is exploring and pushing limits in ways that are influencing even the most average of us. One such influencer is Vera Saucy. A Phoenix-born fashion designer, event promoter and Drag Queen, she is questioning the standards set for Drag Fashion as we know it. By combining elements that normally don’t belong and exploring more performance art in her shows, Vera Saucy is truly the punk rock side of Drag.

You can see “Vera Saucy” by following the link below.

You can see more of ANTIMITY below:


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