Lady Bunny Talks Drag Queens Of Comedy

girls-bunny-bigDQG: How many times have you been involved with “Drag Queens of Comedy”?
LB: This will be my third!

DQG: Who are you most looking forward to working with this year?
LB: I’m a fan of Alaska but aside from a few youtube clips, I haven’t seen her do her thing live. She always strikes me as very creative and a natural performer. I also love Shangela. Last year, she lent me her panties! (Don’t ask.) The insane part is that they actually fit me.

DQG: Who are you least looking forward to working with?
LB: It was a little tough concentrating with porn star Boomer Banks sexing up the dressing room but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to come back!

DQG: How do you keep the show fresh?
LB: By canceling Heklina.

DQG: Who are your biggest drag inspirations?
LB: My first inspiration was a queen named Tasha Khan from Chattanooga, where I grew up. Billed as Chattanooga’s Own Bubbling Brown Sugar, she taught me a lot about stage presence just from watching her. I basically wanted to do drag because of her incredible magic. And she introduced me to Patti Labelle’s music. I also learned a lot from Lypsinka—particularly about editing. And Jackie and Bianca are so hysterical that you can’t help but admire them.

DQG: Who are your biggest comedic inspirations?
LB: I worship Charo, Moms Mabley, Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho and Carol Channing. I think I actually managed to name 1 latina, black, jewish, asian and white diva. Very PC of me.

DQG: As a drag legend, do you feel a sense of responsibility to the fans to show that RuPaul’s Drag Race is not all there is to drag?tdqoc-poster
LB: I don’t feel it as a personal responsibility, but I’m glad that Sasha Soprano has chosen a diverse bunch. That way, Drag Race fans can get exposed to some older gals like me and some ancient girls like Coco. And the Drag Racequeens can be introduced to Heklina’s much older fans—both of them! Drag Race has popularized drag, yet even it’s fans will admit the show de-emphasizes performance in favor of sewing challenges. I’m too old to appreciate any reality TV, so I gravitate to queens with solid acts like Dina Martina and San Francisco’s own Matthew Martin and Darcy Drollinger. But Shangela, Willam and Alaska are all great examples of very talented queens who we all know because of Drag Race. Drag Race has unearthed some major talents. I love Trixie and Katya from this season. And no one can dance like Miss Kennedy Davenport!

DQG: What advice do you have for any aspiring comedy queens out there?
LB: Do a kids’ show. People are so politically correct these days that it’s about all many can handle. A girl at one of my San Francisco shows last year burst into tears and had to run to the bathroom after I joked about a retarded girl. What? We can’t even joke about Britney anymore? The entertainment media blew a gasket recently when some gossip columnist tweeted that Kelly Clarkson fat. She is fat and so am I. And it’s funnier when fat people fart and whenever there’s footage of us walking, please add a tuba sound effect for a real knee slapper. And when Coco walks across the stage, please add a creaking, ancient bones effect!

DQG: Will you be flying with Bianca Del Rio? If so, will you still wish her a terrible flight and let her know the plane will crash?
LB: No I won’t. She’s coming in from Europe so I booked her on a Germanwings flight. Knock Knock! Who’s There? THE PILOT!


Be sure to get your tickets, there aren’t many left, but there are two shows you may catch them both! Time for some laughs with the Big Wigs!


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