Why Do Drag Race Fans Have So Much Passion?

We all have our favorites, we pick a queen like gamblers pick a horse, a team or a player and hope for the best. But are the Race fans more passionate than any otherPacker fansfandom? We think not! Often times, fans of competitors are associated with sports teams or figures and since (at the expense of sounding cliche) most of the Drag Race fans are not into sports, it seems a little extreme. But passionate fans are everywhere and drag passion is not new, it’s just more extreme than it’s ever been.

The change in the drag world is television. What TV has done is shown the glory of drag to an audience who wouldn’t normally be able to see it, those who do not go to nightclubs, theaters or whatever venue the normal drag performance would be available. This includes a group of people who have grown up with social media being the center of their world and they’re eager to come to the defense of their favorite queen(s).

The contestants are not to blame though. While they definitely have beef with each other while stuck in a difficult situation where they don’t have their friends and family to talk with, much less each other freely, they’re also competing against each other. Laganja too muchThink about it, it’s $100,000 and some of these queens have no money and have “given up everything in [their lives] to be a drag queen.” While we see a part of what is happening on the small screen, the contestants and every drag queen in fact, live their lives 24/7. There are struggles we don’t know about, there are histories we never learn and the truth is, while they are stars to us, they’re just people. People like you and us, who live their lives, pay their bills and go through tough times.

The good news, it’s not just Drag Race fans, the bad news, there are millions of fans of everything including drag.Morgan and Mystique Change Of HeartUnfortunately, with the race about to start during a time when Drag Race has never been more popular or more hyped than ever before, the fandom will just grow larger. People have picked their queen and are already ready to go in for the kill.

Our hope is that the queens and their fans understand, it’s an art, it’s subjective. Who and what one person likes may or may not be the same as someone else’s, but there’s no right or wrong in art. They’re all courageous people who have put themselves in front of people on stage and/or TV for the world to see. Our love for drag came long before the TV show and will go on for our entire lives. Honestly, we can definitely go without those who have something negative and hateful to say about those who have put themselves out there. We’re all human and we all have feelings, we hope everyone will keep that in mind.

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