Why Do Queens Remove Their Wigs In A LSFYL – By Ryan H.

With Season 7 here, why don’t we take a moment to look at those moments in Drag Race herstory in which we all did the Santino head shake, the one that was brought on by-yes I’m going to say it- a wig removal! Drag Race has had some err “memorable” lip syncs, and of course some infamous ones, one of which being Madame LaQueer VS  London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Milan!

Yes missy, we’re looking at you! And of course, Milan did remove her wig in this lip sync too, but hey, she stayed so we’re gonna focus on the move of death,the wig-I mean hair- removal. It’s a move that will forever get disapproval from practically everyone, but why do queens do it? I, for one, thinks it’s out of desperation, I mean, they call it a Lip Sync For Your Life for your reason, and some queens are starving to stay. Sure, maybe at the beginning of drag race it would be a shock factor, but after the billion hair removals in Season 3 and 4, the hair removals have, for the most part, subsided, sorry Venus D Lite.

A wise queen once said “You need a high, whipped up ponytail..” Well, Venus stuck to this, until she LSFYL

Another, more respectable reason, is that the wig was already coming off so why not get rid of it completely, think Phi Phi from Season 4. Usually, a hair removal would mean an automatic “Sashay Away”, but there one occasions where the queen stayed, because of her hair removal.

And of course, my favorite:

Yara Tears

Oh wait- sorry Yara girl! Whatever the reason for the hair removal, this contributor is praying for a minimum amount of hair removals in the upcoming seasons! Now, some wise words from Raja!

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