Saint Peter D’Vil – “I Don’t Always Aim To Be Natural, I Always Aim To Be Supernatural”

1010563_10200299515888782_1666448899_nSaint Peter D’Vil, born 1981 is living her life and doing her drag on her own agenda. She’s a Dragula Exorsister, founder of Whore Haus, a Rasputin and Pop Ikon cast member and the creator of some of the most popular drag jewelry items in Los Angeles. We begged her to speak with us and we finally broke her down. (Her husband wasn’t home yet, so we snuck in some time with her.)

Saint Peter D’Vil is a self-described “death glam” queen. We asked her what that mean, she elaborated, “you know how they have glam rock, I wanted to make sure that death glam is like a mixture of sex and death and glamorize it. My biggest drag inspiration from the 50s is Vampira. There’s always a good thing when you have a mix of sex and death because… it’s so taboo.” She also loves being called a “glamour ghoul.”

She started drag “a long time ago, in 2000” when her friend who used to perform at Peanuts in LA had an 10426930_10201071987920100_3856968732523784186_nopening spot in her show. Her friend painted her to fill in for her first performance ever. She performed Christina Aguilera’s “Come On Over (Baby).” That’s right, the now dark and sophisticated Saint Peter once had to do pop songs for her drag. But she had to stop for a while to focus on her “day gig,” but more so she noticed gay guys didn’t want to date drag queens.

When she met her husband, Abortia Clinik, she started doing gigs again off and on, but had to deal with doing pop numbers that the promoters were requiring her to perform. She basically did pop drag, promoting for straight alternative clubs and worked her way through the scene.  Fast forward to four years ago, she started “Whore Haus” because she said, “I want to do alternative clubs, so I started doing that. I was tired of going to clubs and performing stuff that I had to perform… you know like, pop, mainstream Beyonce things.” She felt like, “I can just do my own thing, there’s a couple different people who are like me that I’m pretty sure can appreciate dancing to Morrisey and The Faint.” Now she’s exactly where she wants to be.

1477800_4946362755122_676919721_nThe creator of The Haus of D’Vil, she only has a couple of drag daughters Dakota and Gemini D’Vil (who is going to school so hasn’t been in drag lately) but she is very motherly by nature. She has a drag sister, Bebe Gunn and Bebe’s drag daughter is Jayvon. So while she’s only got a couple of kids, she is the mother of the family.

The history of her name is so fun, she used to be Scarlett Fever, but wanted to get a level of androgyny to her drag and felt her name should match. Her boy name is Peter so she felt like it would be ironic to be dark but have the name Saint Pete. Her last name came from the hairstyle she used to sport for a while. That style was reminiscent of Cruella Deville, but she wanted it to be a little different and have a play on words type of affect. So she took out the extra letters and became Saint Peter D’Vil.

We asked, “what’s your go to number?” Her response was, “You Spin Me Right Round” by Dead or Alive she prefers the original, but does appreciate the 90’s mix. She said, Bebe makes fun of her saying, you’re going to be performing that song when you’re old and in the a wheel chair spinning round and round. She admitted to being a big comic book nerd. She said, “we base a lot of our looks off comic books, like the characters. So whenever there’s a theme, we get all geeking out.” Fortunately for Saint Peter, she does several gigs that have themes, namely Dragula and Rasputin. But when you ask Saint Peter D’Vil what the craziest 1235124_4658622001783_1642788506_nperformance she’s ever done… she immediately remembered one of the most talked about events in Dragula history. The exorsisters decided they’d set up a rain show for the stage. No one was safe. She had an umbrella and poncho that she quickly got rid of and performed as though she’d been set free. She also recalled having a bloody moment to “I Think You Freaky” by dead Antwoord. She had, “the guy chained up with a bath of blood… I love the whole Elizabeth Bathory vampire story, where she used to bathe in the virgins’ blood to keep her beautiful and young. I had him and was pouring the blood on him then licking it off him and putting it all over myself and dowsing myself in the blood and dancing around.”

We asked about her collaberation with the Boulet Brothers and she said she met them at Miss Kitty’s. They would see her there frequently and put her on the guest list so she could come visit them for the show. When Whore Haus started, they would cross book and cross promote. “The Boulet Brothers, Heklina, Peaches Christ; those are the people I looked up to so when they approached me to work with them I said, ‘hell yeah, of course.'” She did admit that she was really excited that she got to work with these people who she looked up to but now feels like they’re her family.  But Saint Peter is so humble she doesn’t ever think of herself as having “fans,” she said, ” I think of them more as supporters because without people like that, you wouldn’t be where you are. I appreciate it that it helps motivate myself more to keep me doing what I wanna do.”

As a side gig, Saint Peter does hair and makeup and even did some of the hair and makeup for some of the episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race toward the end of Season 4, All Stars, Season 5 and even Season 6. She got called out by Detox and Alaska when she was on set because they all knew each other from the Los Angeles drag scene. They were both so excited to see her there and thought Saint Peter popped out of a box!

1379499_10202077917747717_7980425589589468345_nShe’s very spiritual and let us in on what it meant to be an empath as she is. “An empath is someone who picks up someone else’s energy. If someone is sick or feels something I get it.” She says, “the more you know the person, the more you’re around them, you pick up on their energy.” She admits to being nervous whenever she’s out in drag. She uses crystals to control the energy. She does practice spells, positive, health work she tries to focus on. While she can do bad things, she stays away from it because she feels negative things will come back to her.

Saint Peter D’Vil has created quite the brand for herself. She created her signature D’Vil necklaces that have what look like teeth made of various materials.  “When I first came up with the idea, True Blood was really big…. I was like, I wanna make something for the people that work with me at Whore Haus…. I gave them away as gifts. Once they were seen everyone wanted them so I started selling them.” If you don’t have your D’Vil teeth, learn more and get them now.

As far s the future of Saint Peter, she sees herself producing and making events that are bigger and better, including 1904214_10202191571708995_505541679013157740_nmore travel and events all over the world. She would like to see Whor Haus be a traveling circus doing more shows. She’s looking into the working in charities with the shows.

Her advice to young queens, “play the part and be humble. You have to be likeable, you have to be marketable. If you’re gonna be a bitch, be a smart bitch. If you’re gonna be a bitch, make it marketable and branding, something that makes you unique.” Always look forward and learn how to cover your eyebrows. If you can’t cover them, shave them off. Don’t follow a trend, be a trend. Market yourself, be yourself.

Follow Saint Peter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She can also be seen at Rasputin on opposite weekends of Dragula, Pop Ikon every week, Whor Haus every second wednesday and Blow on Fridays, Melissa Befierce and Joe Sparx’s new event.

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