The Journey Of Mizz Monique Moore A Champion Among Champions

The fabulous host of the Dragalicious show at the Climax Bar in Modesto California which includes great local talent featured weekly. Mizz Monique took some time MMB 1out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her drag career and the story could be summed by filling in the blanks of this statement: “She moved to [Enter Location Here] entered a drag contest every day that week and won then got her own night”

 We asked her about drag and her thoughts on the state of drag today and she reminisced about a time when performers would have to put in work to get recognized and respected and says queens these days feel a sense of entitlement simply because they put on a dress. We talked about Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio who she sees as her age of drag, the veterans who paved the way for the queens these days.

 Mizz Monique, the youngest of 5 is originally from San Jose and grew up having experienced bullying for being so “girly” and MMB 2“obviously gay” in school, she admits to being a fighter and rightfully so. She is a trusting and nice person until someone crosses her. She’s got a no-nonsense, “I am just me” attitude and attests this attitude to her success. She is a business woman at the end of the day and does it all by the book. She told us of her extensive dance background including training in jazz, tap, ballet and more. Including having her own dance company where she taught kids discipline along with dance which she feels very strongly about.

Mizz Monique has been on the Ricki Lake, Maury Povich and Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she danced in front of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson to Paula’s “Straight Up” bringing moves we see commonly now, during a time when drag queens were not adding that element to their performance. Her story is amazing and indescribable. She has traveled all over the United States including, Chicago, Sacramento, Portland and several Florida hot spots and dominated each scene immediately.

She shared stories of seeing Jaremi Carey when he was a backup dancer and recalls him being her favorite and letting him know “honey, you’re gonna do drag.” She said when she saw then Phoenix O’Hara (later renamed Phi Phi) in drag she glowed knowingMMB 3 her prediction was true. She also told us about her instant bond with April Carrion calling her “a sweetie” and her experiences with other “Drag Race” girls like Gia Gunn. She knows it’s a different time but really hopes some of the attitudes out there about who should be respected and how they should be treated reverts to earning and putting in time and energy.

Despite being tough on her drag family and friends, she maintains she wants the best for the people she surrounds herself with. She doesn’t do drugs, she rarely drinks and she ensures her drag family stays clear headed and well grounded as she is. Her drag family is enormous, as you would expect with someone who has traveled so much with such great success in her career, but the family we have met are very loyal and respectful so kudos to Mizz Monique for “raising her kids right.”

We thank Mizz Monique for her time and look forward to more and more from Mizz Moore. Check her out at Climax and follow her on YouTube and Facebook.

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