Hometown Hunty – Aqua Xerxes

Photo on 3-15-15 at 4.21 PMDQG: How long have you been doing drag?
AX: I have been drag for almost 2 years I started on my birthday July 21st 2014 . Because that’s when i got my first wig so that’s when Aqua bloomed.

DQG: How did you get into drag so young?
AX: Well I started playing with makeup since 8th grade because of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love it and was amazed by it. But drag race was not the only thing. Sci-Fi movies because it was colorful and gorgeous lol.

DQG: What is your drag name and what does it mean or where did it come from?
AX: My drag name is Aqua Xerxes. I think it means anal sex (I don’t speak Spanish) haha , no Aqua is Latin for water and I love the water and Xerxes because well its a bad-ass name. But I went through so many damn names until I found the perfect one.
DQG: What do your family and friends think about you doing drag? Photo on 2-22-15 at 1.07 PM #2
AX: Oh my family and friends support me 100% lol. It took some time for them to get used to Aqua because she is a bitch and rude, which I’m not out of drag , but they love it and i’m grateful for it.
DQG: What are your ultimate goals with drag?
AX: My 4 mains ones are to be on RPDR not just for fame and fortune but just to be a story or an influence. Because I grew up with nothing and I want to prove that you can be anything in drag. I also would loved to be in T.V. shows or have my own comedy special. Plus I want to be a YouTube star, do makeup tutorials and make skits. Lastly, I just want to get laid.
DQG: Who is your favorite Ru-girl? (You may pick multiples) and why? 
AX: Ongina because she is unique. Pandora because she is amazing. Bianca Del Rio because she is a cunt and MAX because of her kookiness.
FB_IMG_1423445441186DQG: Who are your influences?
AX: Divine because she is campy and gross. Lady Gaga because of her outfits and makeup. Velma VonTussle because she is stuck up and rude. Nirvāna Piranha is also one of my influences because she helped me with makeup and she is just funny and good. And of course my drag mother Arabia Felix and my sister Natalie Renee play a big role in my drag career. Arabia because I admire her bravery and what she does plus our conversations are hilarious. Natalie is just amazing and I love her blog.
DQG: How would you describe your drag?
AX: Funny, mean, rude, slutty, whore and sweet. Aqua will make fun of anyone no matter who, but she also makes fun of herself. And she likes sex and weed. Aqua is like the rebel who stands out for the wrong reasons.
DQG: Where have you performed?
AX: In my room and my uncles basement. Lol there are no gay bars where I live nor any gay scene. But I would love to go to Birmingham and perform because that’s where the gay scene is and it’s much more accepting than Foley. But when I do perform I want it to be funny and shocking, oh and money I want money lol.
DQG: Do you have any dance, acting, singing, makeup or sewing skills/background? Photo on 3-13-15 at 8.40 PM #2
AX: I can act like a virgin, does that count? lol I can’t sing but I can lip-sync, I am very good at that. My makeup is okay it not Mathu Andersen but I’m only 17, I’m still learning hopefully I can achieve to look like Mathu or anyone like that.
DQG: Tell us something interesting or fun that people may not expect from you.
AX: I’m the only drag queen where I live (Foley, Alabama) and I will never wear solid color natural hair, it has to have color lol. I also would like the pursue a career in Culinary Arts because I really love the cook.
DQG: How can people find you?
AX: My Twitter is Aqua Xerxes (So is my FaceBook page) and on Craigliest. Lol my stuff is not that good but hey watch them or masturbate to them I don’t care whatever makes you happy .


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