Morganne LaMorte Beauty

The Chilean following has been a blessing.  Thank you so much, here’s the story again!

We are still extremely excited about the dr.a.g. book and thought we’d introduce you to one of the standouts of the book, Morganne LaMorte Beauty. We reached out to her and she was kind enough to answer a few questions.

DQG: Where do you live?
MLB: “I’m from Santiago de Chile.”  

DQG: How long have you been doing drag?
MLB: “Ufff. I have been doing drag since I was 17 years old, right now I am 26.”

DQG: What inspired you to do drag?
MLB: “All started playing in a competition in high school,  by them I realized how incredible was to use makeup and other resources to create characters  and entertain people.  I think all drags are for entertain people, and  people  are  who inspire you to  create different  fantasy for every night.”

DQG:  What do you call your look?
MLB: “When Freddy Krueger met Cirque Du Soleil.”Morganne La Morte Beauty

DQG: How did you come up with your name?
MLB: “When I did my first show I did not have a name, but I knew I wanted a scary , androgynous  and strong name.  I was watching tv, “the buffy the vampire slaver”. On  the credits of the appears the actress Robia LaMorte, and then I say BINGO. Add a witch name and done! Morganne LaMorte sounds Terrific.”

DQG: Are you part of any haus/house of drag?
MLB: “I’m part of the Haus of LaMorte, of course! I have a daugther and I want get pregnant again.”

DQG: How were you approached to participate in dr.a.g?
MLB: “I had approached because of my Christopher Logan, years ago he sent me a email telling me about the proyect,  he said that he likes my pictures , for that reason he invited me to be part of  his book.  Actually I did not tough it  twice, immediately I had said yes!”

DQG: Are you excited about the book?
MLB: “Of course I am !,  it´s  an honor to be part of this,  and for me is an incredible experience sharing  this  book with  several  legends of drag like Lady Bunny or Jeffree Star.”

DQG: Do you perform somewhere regularly?
MLB: “I do some perform regularly, but I’m more concentrate on my Makeup Artist career. Sometimes I’m my own model. Drag its a platform to share my art.”

We love Miss Morganne LeMorte Beauty, she’s a unique beauty and we really are thrilled to see her in the book.  Click on the link to the right for more information on the dr.a.g. book.

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