Polly HotPocket

We always encourage local talent to reach out to us so we can get to know more people. We proudly introduce Polly HotPocket, she’s a relatively new queen on the scene from the UK and we asked her a few questions:

DQG: When did you start doing drag?IMG-20140911-WA0004
PH: I started Drag 28th February 2014. I always played around with make up, but never had the confidence to perform.
DQG: Why drag?
PH: I have always wanted to entertain, that’s when I discovered drag. As well as wanting to be an entertainer, it was something very personal to me. Drag allowed me to be who I wanted to be without restrictions.
DQG: Do you have a drag mother/family?
PH: I would say that I have a couple of Drag Queens/king that I would call Family My sisters would be Stephanie Von Clitz, Regina Valintino, Melyssa Milano, Bambi Boo, Kara Van-Park and Misty Towers. They are very close to my heart, they have all had a small part in my life. I can only have one Drag King in my Life LoUis CyFer my mentor and brother.
DQG: What is your favorite thing about drag?
PH: My favourite part of drag is when you are finally ready, that feeling to yourself that you have done a great job and also seeing yourself evolve every time.
DQG: What do you like least about drag?
PH: What I don’t like about Drag is that most forget what drag truly is. As the generations pass by they forget, they think to themselves its all about being a fierce queen when performing. Don’t get me wrong that is part of it, but you are also representing the Gay Community. You are a figure of strength and hope, if it was for the drag queens back in the day with the homophobic riots, we would not have are gay pride events.
DQG: How does your family feel about you doing drag?
PH: My first family memory was my 5th birthday ! My mother made me a ‘Little Mermaid’ birthday cake ! It was one of my happiest memories. I was a feminine child, I loved to play with dolls, I liked brushing their hair and changing their clothes. My mother bought me a doll until I was 8 years old. I was quite attached to my mother when I was little.

My stepfather at the time caught me playing with my dolls, he slapped me then took them away from me. He never found my other dolls, my mother put them in a bag and hid them from him. I was only allowed to play with them when my stepfather wasn’t around. My stepfather hated the fact that I wasn’t like my other two brothers. He would always take my brothers fishing and to other random trips. From a really young age I always felt segregated from my other siblings. My mother and stepfather’s attention would always be on my 2 brothers and sister. I didn’t understand why, what did I do wrong, do they love me ….do they want me? It’s not what a child should be thinking.

When my stepfather found me playing with my dolls he was angry !! He was very homophobic he would always call me names like “faggot,” “queer” or “poof” many names I didn’t understand back then. I wasn’t allowed out for two weeks, I still didn’t understand what I had done wrong once again I was just a child. I remember those two weeks because it was the six weeks holiday off school. I had to stay in my bedroom while all my other siblings were playing outside..I missed my dolls. I found some old curtain fabric, I cut out a silhouette of a body and sewed it together. I stuffed it with some old wool I took from one of my teddies. I made two. I also made clothes from some old fur material. They where my replacements, after a while I grew out of dolls I had a weird fascination for ‘ferbies’ they would interact with me but my dolls never did I was a very lonely child.

A year passed and I was trying to be one of the boys by playing football, I thought that it would impress my stepfather. I liked being outside, I felt free. I didn’t want to go home because I new my step dad was going to hit me again. An hour passed, I had so much fun I was late home, I came to the front Polly1door with three of my friends. I knocked on the front door of my house,my stepfather answered. My stepfather looked really angry he shouted ‘ YOUR LATE !’ that was it…

I don’t speak to my family, Due to that past and present, I am very close to my sister she is like a best friend to me.

I have a Fiancée of 6 years, he wasn’t very comfortable with me starting drag at first, he said to me I don’t mind being with a Drag Queen, I just don’t want to be with a bad Drag Queen lol. After a while he then became my manager, as well as being a great team in a relationship we are great when it comes to business.

DQG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
PH: I see myself as a successful international Drag Queen performiing all around the world and being a voice to the gay community, also to a TV personality.
DQG: What is your ultimate goal with drag?
PH: To be a successful international Drag Queen representing the gay community, showing strength and love.
DQG: Tell us something none of your fans knows about you.
PH: I am a geek at heart ! I was one of the kids that was bullied for being different.
DQG: What projects are you working on/where can your fans find you?
PH: I have recently sent my application for Austin Texas international Drag Gala, I am also performing in various venues around the London are such as The Black Cap and Manbar. I am also Performing at Pascha Disco in Gran Canaria for Maspalomas gay pride May 2015.

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